Temperature Measurement Solution

Temperature Measurement Solution

Temperature Measurement Solution
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Our solution was brought up as a response to the pandemic crisis as our main responsibility is to take all precautions needed to protect all members of the society.


The Temperature Management Solution is based on an 8-inch display device with a built-in camera and an infrared sensor that vets & identifies individuals before entering any private and public premise such as building entrances, malls, banks, schools, universities and even school buses, thus avoiding the spread of any virus and illness.


The solution reads body temperature in seconds with optimal facial recognition (up to 30,000 face database).


Key benefits:


  • Waterproof and dust-proof industrial design
  • Mask detection
  • Temperature measurement (Accuracy < ± 0.2℃)
  • Supports gate channel access
  • Supports staff attendance punching
  • Non-contact, fully automated
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