Command & Control

Command & Control

Command & Control
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Extend your View with World Class Situation Awareness


Our solution is an exceptional tool for quick, easy comprehension and fast, effective response.


TERRA 4D Command & Control solution is a situational awareness and incident management platform that protects your people and assets through real time view and perception. It allows faster response time, increased critical security and operational efficiency, thus ensuring business continuity and lower costs.

TERRA 4D analyzes massive amounts of information from disparate systems, by time, geo-location and priority, facilitating incident detection, management and response in a simplified 3D geographic information interface.



  • Correlated geo-referenced safety and security data
  • Data is integrated from multiple sources and sensors offering one simple geographic context screen
  • AI processes massive amounts of information allowing real time intelligence that prioritizes and locates any detected incident to manage and respond
  • Enhanced situation vision allowing actionable response edge, and ability to make critical decisions
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