Alumni Management System

Alumni Management System

Alumni Management System
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A continuing alumni relationship and career services system that is modular to your own institution

The portal system is web based and developed to manage, control and facilitate the interactions between your institution and your alumni community by offering multiple modules.


A web based alumni management system

Also available in mobile application, it is developed and designed on top of your CRM to manage and facilitate the collaboration between alumni and your faculty members. It offers multiple modules from alumni relationship management, mentoring & collaborations, event & campaign management including fundraising, and career service.


Modern online career services

The user interface application allows your career center administrators to manage companies in their job postings, and add them to the system so they can publish their requirements for graduates and students. It also provides information, advice and guidance to help students make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities.


An exceptional fundraising module

It allows your institution to manage all events and campaigns on a single system and run the fundraising programs from this mobile application.



  • ALUMNI MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: It allows your institution to provide tools for your alumni to stay connected
  • ONLINE CAREER SERVICES: Companies can post job openings, and students manage their profiles for their jobs and internships searches
  • FUNDRAISING: it allows the management of all campaigns and events to be run on one system
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