Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection
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ATM / POS fraud prevention, detection and recovery.


Stop fraud at the ATM and point of sale, reduce card and check fraud, and gain control over your prevention, detection and recovery efforts.


For financial institutions, merchants, processors and networks, controlling payment card fraud remains one of the single biggest challenges in the industry. The fraudsters become craftier by the day, working hard to break through your secure systems and steal customer data.


To combat the proliferation of card fraud, we offer a robust fraud management solution that enables issuers and acquirers to detect fraud as early as possible to avoid potential loss, and to effectively manage risk.


The Fraud Detection solution analyses payment transactions that occur at the issuer, acquirer or transaction switch in real time as part of the inline authorization path, or post-authorization for subsequent follow-up. The solution combines flexible rules creation and management, system-generated alerts and a wide range of off-the-shelf reports in an economical, easy-to-use system.


The rules, defined by business users, analyze transactions for suspicious characteristics or patterns of activity over time. When transactions are determined to be fraudulent the system can then take a range of actions – including denying transactions and raising alerts – which are controlled by business configuration. 


The solution is designed to be flexible in use, empowering business users to rapidly add new rules or change existing rules in response to fraud activity, without needing specialist technical support or vendor assistance.




  • Dynamically block suspicious transactions as they occur
  • Adjust alerts as threats emerge
  • Quickly regain control after a breach by selectively blocking accounts, automatically communicating with affected cardholders, and creating the audit trail
  • Create and monitor a customized plan that keeps you on top of fraud trends
  • Influence customer behavior and reduce collections based on behavioral scores
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