Payment Switch Monitoring

Payment Switch Monitoring

Payment Switch Monitoring
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Monitoring your payment switch infrastructure is vital for maximizing performance and availability of your payment solution.


The Payment Switch monitoring solution is ideal for Financial institutions, networks or processors of any size loing to monitor their open technology payments processing environment. Because it is built on an Open Source platform it is able to monitor the associated system and hardware environment as well: A vital tool for maximizing performance and availability of the payment solution.


The Payment Switch Monitor monitors all aspects of systems operation ranging from hardware and server components to business metrics. A central component collects and publishes monitoring information which can be presented through central or remote dashboards.  It provides a proactive capability to detect and resolve conditions before they can become issues impacting the bank business.


The Payment Switch Monitor provides a holistic view of the payments environment including the switch and its surrounding infrastructure. The ability to monitor the surrounding infrastructure is essential and can indicate a slowly building problem in the payments environment.


The ATM Monitoring component is a complete one-stop monitoring solution for ATM networks. It facilitates monitoring and management of ATM specific hardware and software, for increased ATM uptimes and reduced operational costs.




  • Monitor Switching environments performance and state of various application components from a single GUI screen
  • Monitor transaction response times and statistics
  • Monitor ATM/POS application drivers
  • Monitor ATM hardware statuses and alert on problems:

ATM availability (both network and application), hardware statuses (such as card reader, cash dispenser, printer devices, cameras, etc.), ATM cash position, view ATM hardware statistics (such as number of cards retained), issue ATM software and hardware commands remotely, monitor ATM cash position, etc.

  • Perform Switch system administration tasks (such as start-up, shutdown of the application and its components, housekeeping, configuration backup and restore
  • Monitor database/ application server software/ hardware and surrounding network equipment
  • Discover and resolve system problems and performance bottlenecks before they occur
  • Uses industry standard SNMP or product specific agents to gather data
  • Multi-threaded processing and memory caching for optimized performance with minimal system impact
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