EFT Simulation & Stress Testing

EFT Simulation & Stress Testing

EFT Simulation & Stress Testing
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Meeting the challenges of testing modern EFT systems.


EFT systems are continuously changing. Systems are becoming more complex, changes are more frequent, with increasing demands for compliance with regulatory changes. Financial institutions need an EFT testing solution to help them cope with the changes, fast and securely.


Our EFT Simulation & Stress Testing solutions help you meet all these challenges, and provide software developers and testers with simulated devices - ATM, POS device or transaction switch - at their desktop.


Used worldwide with hundreds of customers, our innovative testing solutions provide the ability to test your EFT system to have the confidence to move software into production, simulate ATMs, EDC/POS and interchange links, and enable you to test the resilience of your EFT network under high-capacity loads.

The solutions have been scaled to support thousands of transactions per second, and to perform complex test conditions. They are designed to give you maximum flexibility, saving you time and money.




  • One-stop testing: Test all of your ATM, POS, Interchange, Regression and Stress test cases concurrently, using a single system
  • Simulate your Interchange partners covering all common interchange formats. This removes the need to synchronize your timeline with the availability of your partner networks
  • Capacity Planning module: Enables accurate budgeting for infrastructure requirements. The solution generates very large volumes of transactions, to simulate the exact load that could be expected in production during peak times, or to simulate daily and weekly variations
  • Speed and cost to market: With the significant reduction in testing timeframes, your organization can deliver new initiatives to the market faster and at a lower project cost. Further savings are made with the elimination of the physical testing process of the numerous ATMs and POS terminals, which is no longer required. Customers have experienced up to 50% time saving in testing and UAT




  • EMV compliance
  • ATM simulation
  • POS terminal simulation
  • ISO simulation
  • Testing all network management and financial transactions
  • SSL Encryption simulation
  • Visa and MasterCard validation
  • Layered testing 1 – Manual Layer
  • Layered testing 2 - Full end-to-end Regression
  • Layered testing 3 - Stress testing/Capacity
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