Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment
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Our Platform brings cards to mobile, and makes them useful for consumers.


Our product is uniquely positioned to bring together the creativity of the application developer community with the requirements of highly secure and regulated companies for the benefit of consumers.


We enable banks, transit agencies, and any other issuer to securely digitize their credit, debit, transit, loyalty, or ID cards, and distribute them to their own application, and to any other application using our Mobile Platform.


Our simple APIs empower the application developer community to bring cards to all apps on mobile, wearable, and other connected devices, enabling consumers to make payments, redeem offers, open doors, and ride transit systems.


We open the mobile wallet concept and turn it inside out by allowing cards to be used by any authorized application. Whether a consumer prefers to pay with a card in their banking app or from their favorite coffee shop app, we make it possible.


Additionally our SDK, on-device middleware, and Open Wallet Platform allow authorized application developers to access secure cards and makes them available through any mobile application.


The Platform includes: Token Service Platform (TSP), Card and Wallet Management Platform, and Trust Authority.


Key Features Supported by the Wallet


  • Support for payment and non-payment cards such as access control and transit
  • Support for prepaid, gift, loyalty, and offers

  • Default card

  • Security settings including passcode, security questions, and offline counter

  • Configurable setting for security options, notifications, and display options

  • Help and quick tips

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