Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management
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Monitor & manage the cost across the network system



A complete Revenue Assurance solution, designed to tackle critical challenges across the entire revenue chain. It takes revenue assurance to a new level, providing the continuous monitoring and revenue protection needed in today’s changing telecommunications environment.

It is highly effective in both the traditional circuit-switched and next-generation packet-switched service environments; scalable enough to serve large and small operators; and flexible enough to support Revenue Assurance practices as they expand and mature.

The Revenue Assurance solution captures revenue and eliminates losses, optimizes existing investments and assets, slashes total cost of ownership, and accelerates root cause investigation by reducing dependency on IT.



The industry-leading Fraud Management solution drives fraud prevention by eliminating known frauds, reducing fraud run time, augmenting internal controls, through continuous FM process improvement.

Fraud Management detects known fraud types and patterns of unusual behavior, helps investigate these suspect patterns for potential fraud, and uses the generated knowledge for improved detection and protection against future intrusions.



Credit Risk Management empowers operators to continuously assess and mitigate risk presented by subscribers throughout their life cycle. It tracks risk in near real-time during subscriber acquisition, ongoing usage, and collections and recovery.

It provides the operator with a holistic view that helps in understanding a subscriber's risk profile and thereby aids risk management.

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