DC Telco Power Solutions

DC Telco Power Solutions

DC Telco Power Solutions
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Addressing Telecom critical power needs.


It is critical for Telecom service providers to address the grid power interruptions and fluctuations, and to maintain a stable and continuous communication with the subscribers.

We provide a comprehensive range of direct current (DC) power solutions addressed to the Telco industry which requires the highest levels of quality and reliability.

We have successfully implemented a large number of DC stand-alone power systems in different types of Telecom sites including telecommunication towers and many others, throughout multiple locations in Lebanon. The excellent performance of such sites is due to the high standards used in the implementations in terms of products, technology, technical skills, and procedure.



Extreme temperatures. Remote locations. Increasing power demands.

The operating conditions and technologies driving todays telecommunications networks are pushing the limits of battery back-up systems.

We provide a range of batteries from a world leader with proven technology and specifications, which makes it ideal for most demanding Telecom applications that require the highest levels of quality and reliability. With proven compliance to the most rigorous international standards, the batteries we provide are recognized worldwide as the premium batteries for Telecom applications, with a reputation for long service life, together with excellent high rate performance.



The Telecom Inverter solution that we provide is an innovative dual input inverter solution designed for applications where very high reliability of AC supply is required. The design of the inverter ensures a seamless transfer between the AC and DC inputs, giving zero transfer time and eliminating the need for a static transfer switch.



A wide range of rectifiers to provide the required power and to secure continuous, safe and efficient operation of the Telecom business-critical applications: From the small, lightweight, quick to install model, to the extremely compact and short casing model, that fits into most applications in the narrow cabinets.

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