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Precision Cooling
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Improve Data Center efficiency with high-level cooling capabilities.


An out-of-date, inefficient cooling system in your Data Center or facility has a significant impact on your business.  You need to handle growing heat densities, while reducing operating costs. Insufficient airflow or cooling caused by higher-density IT equipment creates hot spots that result in premature equipment failure, system crashes, random reboots, and poor system performance.

Our cooling and humidity control solutions make possible the efficient, reliable and cost effective management of heat in your mission critical facility through high expertise, and industry advanced software and equipment technology. We offer a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of cooling systems (for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), from leaders with a global presence, for virtually any cooling reuqirement in critical IT environments: Small to large high density Data Centers, chiller and economizer plants, computer room air conditioners and containment, telecom enclosures, and industrial cooling.



Whether you are building a new Data Center or retrofitting an existing one, we can help you select an effective cooling solution for a healthy data center environment. Every piece of IT equipment that consumes power produces an equivalent amount of heat in return. The wrong technology for your environment can result in higher costs and increased risk of downtime.



Data centers represent one of the highest energy consuming elements within the electrical chain. The objective is to optimize the operation of this infrastructure, reduce energy consumption, maximize efficiency, and minimize CO2 emissions. Thus it is important that the cooling system structure presents a significant level of efficiency. Indirect free cooling solutions should be proposed whenever possible, as well as optimization systems according to the heat load in the room.



New server technology has introduced an increased level of modularity in infrastructure growth, adapting to the needs of the client. Cooling solutions must therefore allow for modular planning and integration and adapt automatically to the new load conditions of the room. Thus using cooling systems which can be adapted over time creates significant advantage in terms of management costs.



Data Centers are complex environments, thus is it important to provide complete systems composed of integrated elements that guarantee compatibility and a single source of responsibility.

Our supervisory control system provides a single point for managing your entire cooling infrastructure, centralizing data from sensors and cooling units and gaining quick access to actionable data, and thus optimizing thermal system performance across the Data Center.

The thermal management system with mobile app, offers industry-leading visibility, protection and controlling critical environments, by providing real-time alarms / notifications and troubleshooting workflows via mobile devices.

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