Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy
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The SUN, a sustainable source of energy, to power your business and reduce your energy cost


In response to the ever challenging energy needs and the global requirements for a sustainable development, we offer customized and turnkey solar Photovoltaic (PV) solutions, leading to reduced energy costs, based on high-technology products, and a team of experts in the field.


The solar energy solution components/products are from world leading and reliable manufacturers. Our team has the right skills to study, plan, design, and implement the most suitable and cost-effective solar energy solution for each client, customized to his special setup and needs, and according to the highest international and European standards and best practices.


Studying, designing and Implementing a photovoltaic solution is complex in terms of combining the different components of the solution to match the project’s requirements, and it involves the below parameters:

  • Project Management
  • Optimal module selection: Area/power compromise, efficiency and durability
  • PV array sizing
  • Battery bank sizing and design: Optimal battery selection
  • Inverter selection and sizing
  • Installation design: Study of the orientation and inclination of the PV panels
  • Analysis of site conditions and floor loads: Geological surveys, structural analysis, and wind and snow loads
  • Mounting structure design and selection: Material to be used, proximity to maritime areas
  • Shading and Yield analysis
  • Cables sizing and design
  • Protection equipment including arrestors, breakers and residual current devices
  • System bonding and grounding
  • System integration: Hybrid systems, energy management
  • SCADA monitoring and control
  • Civil works
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Financial Assessment: ROI, IRR, Financial modeling


The renewable energy market being a young one, our experience in that field proved to be the longest in Lebanon and the Middle East, and we have implemented landmark projects, in addition to some of the largest projects in the region.