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Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale
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Beyond a POS solution for your restaurant, helping you change your business.


Every hospitality business is different and you should have a Point of Sale (POS) system that works for your specific needs, whether you have a single unit or a chain of hundreds of locations. Our POS is flexible, scalable, and modular for a customized solution that’s right for you. Choose from multiple operational styles, several payment processing options, and a variety of industry-proven hardware for Windows, IOS & Android.



A number of add-on modules are available to help you change your entire business. These are just some of the add-ons you can use to extend what your POS can do for your operations:


  • DELIVERY CALL CENTER including advanced dispatch & driver management


  • ONLINE ORDERING mobile application for IOS & Android devices


  • BUSINESS ANALYTICS mobile application for Windows, IOS & Android devices. Real time ‘Above Store Reporting’


  • VOUCHER MANAGEMENT System: Customer service & marketing departments are able to create, send & track customer’s vouchers in one click


  • LOYALTY SYTEM & WALLET mobile applications for IOS & Android devices. Build a loyalty system for your customers, based on challenges & rewards. Create different programs, collect points, create events, communicate with your customer & analyze through the dashboards. Use your wallet to pay your bill or do a transfer to a friend


  • TABLE ORDERING: Typically used by the customer, at the restaurant, to order his food. Frequently used in Roller Coaster concepts or restaurants offering private karaoke rooms


  • KITCHEN AUTOMATION Technology: A dynamic and flexible solution that provides substantial support and assistance to busy kitchens and team members, thus enhancing productivity and profit. When meals are ordered, chefs can view the order on kitchen screens and determine which food items to focus on, taking into consideration prep times of each, so that all items for a table complete at the same time. Corporate management can capture analytical data on food preparation to further improve their service


  • CRM Solutions:
    • Comment card
    • Reservation & wait list
    • Customer experience evaluation
    • Sales & marketing


  • LABOR SCHEDULING and forecasting


  • INTERFACE with International Property Management systems
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