Student Information System

Student Information System

Student Information System
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The Student Information System that Higher Education institutions need to meet their challenges, and to help students succeed.


Our Student Information System, from a leader in higher education, provides the functionality and technology that institutions need to help students, staff, and faculty succeed and achieve their goals.


Recruiting the students who will benefit most from your institution and providing them with the kind of services that foster success are top priorities for today’s high-performing institutions.


We provide a student-centered solution that can help you deliver superior student services and meet aggressive enrollment goals. From admissions, billing and financial aids, to academic records management. The system provides abilities for enrolling students in courses, archiving grades, transcripts, managing students’ tests results and other appraisal scores, organizing academic plans, monitoring attendance, as well as managing many other student-related data needs.


Our solution helps you deliver a better student experience, reorganize internal business processes, and create the kind of learning communities that make a difference. Its modern architecture enables you to adapt seamlessly as functional and technical needs change. Flexibility and extensibility are critical to meeting your expectations and to competing globally.


STUDENT SUCCESS – Recruit, retain, manage

Our solution helps you attract the right students for your institution and keep them engaged with personalized, meaningful interactions, with the aim of maximizing retention and graduation rates.

  • Ensure the right students are admitted
  • Improve accountability, retention, and student outcomes
  • Help students stay motivated and graduate on time
  • Give self-service tools to your students, to make decisions easier


DELIVER A DELIGHTFUL USER EXPERIENCE – Create a connected campus – Embrace a mobile strategy

Exceed your constituents’ expectations by providing quick and easy access to the services they need. For a generation that grew up accessing information directly from their mobile device, it is critical that students have the power to connect with people and direct their academic experience.

Embrace a mobile strategy. Provide all of the relevant information your students, staff, and faculty need, when they need it, in a single mobile solution.

  • Simplify campus life
  • Manage online and hybrid courses from a single learning platform
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