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Simplify payroll processing, reduce administrative costs and time, enable better personnel deployment decisions , and meet regulatory requirements easily.


Payroll Management is a fundamental business requirement demanding compliant and accurate financial control in a timely manner.

Our advanced rules-based payroll management solutions, help businesses streamline their payroll processes, ensure the on-time payment to workforce according to the compensation rules, give insight into personnel expenses for better cost control and reduction, and comply with regulations.


Get the best payroll functionality, whether on the cloud and on-premises.




  • Monitoring of end-to-end payroll processes:
    From time entry through to check printing and direct deposit, in addition to the earnings, benefits, deductions, leave entitlements, compensation, and retroactive salary
  • Sophisticated web based and SaaS-based enterprise solutions
  • Supporting global operations and country-specific localization
  • Flexible rules & formulas: Definition of standards for employee compensation and benefits
  • Meeting regulatory requirements. Application of varying tax systems and rules
  • Seamlessly reporting of payroll outcome to banks, tax departments and social security organizations
  • Integrating to time attendance systems
  • Integrating  seamlessly with HR and ERP solutions
  • Maintaining audit logs of changes
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