Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System
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Cutting-edge solutions for medical biology, anatomic pathology and genetic laboratories.


The Laboratory Information System (LIS) is a comprehensive solution, designed to manage single or multiple clinical laboratories, whether medical biology, anatomic pathology, or genetic laboratories.


It allows the sharing of data through a common repository, and adaptation to each of the specific aspects of your structure. It can connect to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, for sharing Lab prescriptions and Lab results.


The LIS solution is backboned by a Middleware tool allowing an advanced laboratory workflow management, with equipment integration. The advanced Anatomic Pathology cycle is also supported.

It manages centrally all pre-test, test, and post-test laboratory instruments, facilitating overall control of processes, and responding to the connectivity demands of modern laboratories.


Some of the LIS solution strong features are the flexibility and responsiveness of the organizational model, the comprehensive management of the diagnostic process, and unequaled integration features.

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