Hospital Billing & Admission Management

Hospital Billing & Admission Management

Hospital Billing & Admission Management
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Secure and real-time billing process for healthcare institutions.


Our Hospital Information System is a fully integrated and modular solution managing the medical as well as the billing aspects of a healthcare institution.


The Billing & Admission solution supports the hospital throughout the entire process of the billing chain, and more precisely the comprehensive management of the patient circuit. It caters for the complete patient cycle, from admission to discharge and transfers, with all administrative aspects, while instantly updating the financial records of the patient.


Being an integrated system, all lab examinations, radiology operations and drugs prescriptions are directly subject to approval from the insurance companies and other coverage means. This will instantly reflects on the financial profile of the patient.


The important aspects of the solution are REAL-TIME billing, CONFIDENTIALITY of the patients’ records, SECURITY of data and processes, and adaptation to the REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS of public and private health institutions, locally & internationally.


The solutions address the below areas of functionality:

  • Billing repository: Guarantors, contracts, acts, pricing
  • Billing rules
  • Patient and third party payers invoicing
  • Patient cashiering
  • Third party payers collection
  • Physician’s accounting
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