Imaging Information System

Imaging Information System

Imaging Information System
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Efficient imaging processes, from examination request to result sharing.


Healthcare institutions need an efficient Imaging Information System to enhance patient care, through faster and informed medical decisions, and to increase the imaging process productivity, from examination request to result generation.


Medical imaging is a critical element of a patient's record, and the needs of both, the radiologist and the clinician, are inter-dependent:  The expert needs the radiologist's analysis, and the radiologist can only read a radiography result if he/she has all the significant medical data. Tele-imaging is more than exchanging advanced numeric data, it is the sharing of all the necessary information based on the medical image.


Our Imaging Information System, with its open and integrated technical architecture, manages the generation and circulation of imaging reports and results to all medical departments, in compliance with national and international exchange standards such as HPRIM2, HL7, Dicom, XDS-I and IHE.

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