Operating Theatre

Operating Theatre

Operating Theatre
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For an optimum management of the patient surgery process in healthcare institutions.


Planning the operating room is a difficult task, and involves synchronizing several resources in order to achieve efficiency: Surgeon availability, operating team scheduling, patient information (Estimated operating time, priority and diagnosis, etc.), equipment, and support resources.


The Operating Theatre solution offers a comprehensive management of the medical-surgical process, provides better activity coordination, improves efficiency by optimizing rooms, and offers optimized and anticipated scheduling.


The solution allows medical staff to establish a surgery program for the patients to be operated, based on practitioner's available shift time and the duration of his intervention. The module also references all the necessary operating room devices: Equipment, implantable medical supplies, sterilizers and single-use equipment. All the events and activities in the OR are documented in real-time, and connected to the stock management, etc.


The solution also manages pre-op, intra-op and post-op anesthesia processes, in a safe and documented way.

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