Data Protection

Data Protection

Data Protection
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The right strategies to safeguard your enterprise data.


Today’s businesses are facing new demands from end-users that include 24/7 access to data and no patience for downtime. Data is a very important asset for enterprises and needs to be safeguarded. Loss of information can lead to direct financial losses.


Data Protection solutions ensure minimal downtime of business in case of data loss, they involve the below strategies:


  • Backup: Keeping data copies stored on separate disks/tapes
  • Restore: Quick recovery from data copies in case of data loss/corruption
  • Replication: Keeping data copy in a different location known as disaster recovery site to recover from in case of complete loss of main site
  • Monitoring: Real time monitoring of the backup infrastructure in addition to reporting and alerts notifications to avoid downtime


Also, today companies are adopting new backup strategies that replicate to, and recover from the cloud, eliminating the need of costly hardware infrastructure for setting up a Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

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