Software Defined Data Center

Software Defined Data Center

Software Defined Data Center
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Modernize the delivery of IT services with the Software Defined Data Center.


Never have data centers been pressed so hard to deliver so many services, so fast, than in this era of accelerating change, characterized by cloud computing, mobility, and Big Data. In order to keep pace with business demands, organizations know they must modernize the delivery of IT services, using a new standard for the modern data center —SDDC, or the Software-Defined Data Center.


SDDC requires workload or application-driven orchestration and the control of all aspects of the data center, from infrastructure to operations and management, through open and hardware-independent management and virtualization software.


We can deliver an entire SDDC solution from day 1, or help you transform to the new style of IT, by building the solution block by block and set the path towards a SDDC.

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