Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization
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Desktop virtualization: Centralizing applications and desktops in the Data Center.


In traditional business environments, workers suffer from productivity loss in many ways, including downtime during PC refreshes, patches and updates, or simply when they are away from the office.


Application and desktop virtualization centralizes apps and desktops in the datacenter, rather than on local devices, which allows IT to deliver apps and desktops to users on demand, to any device, anywhere.




  • Cost Savings lower Total Cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional PCs. Experts estimate that maintaining and managing PC hardware and software accounts for 50-70% percent of the TCO of a typical PC
  • Simplified Management - Since everything is centrally managed, stored and secured, virtual desktops eliminate the need to install, update and patch applications, back up files and scan for viruses on individual client devices
  • Enhanced Security - provide greater security to an organization because employees aren’t “carrying around” confidential company data on a personal device that could easily be lost or stolen
  • Increased Productivity - Increase productivity by allowing workers to access necessary data anywhere and from any device. As a result, whether employees are in another building, another state, or halfway across the globe, a virtualized desktop allows them to be productive in any environment. Plus, if an employee’s device is defective, they can merely log in from another device and continue working, because the data is not stored locally
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