Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
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Case of disaster? Have the right technologies to make your data and applications available and running, in a fraction of time.


When disaster strikes, your data must be accessible, from an off-site location and for an unknown length of time. Staff may be limited and time will be of essence, so you need to know you are protected. And every minute your system is down, the financial implications grow.


Whether your Disaster Recovery (DR) is a cold, warm or hot site, we have the technologies and expertise to design and offer  the solution to decrease the time it takes to make your business up and running again (downtime in seconds), and minimize data loss to zero.


Our solutions include, but are not limited to:


  • Multi-site active-active configuration
  • Synchronous/asynchronous replication
  • Automated failover/failback to/from DR
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