Unified Trading Communications

Unified Trading Communications

Unified Trading Communications
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When human lives or millions of dollars are on the line, communications are mission-critical for the success of the enterprise, a normal PABX is just not enough. This is where Unified Trading Communication comes in.


Unified Trading Communications are telephony systems with features and functionalities specifically designed for financial traders’ and public safety answering points’ needs. Users typically use a trading turret on their desks. A trading turret allows users to use dedicated telephone lines to prioritize call activity from clients/callers and allows parallel processing of calls. It has dozens of dedicated speed dial buttons and large circuits to allow immediate exchange of information to other traders within the organization or to customers and other parties. Turrets have multiple handsets and multi-channel speaker units.


Trading room technologies have evolved from TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) to IP (Internet Protocol) architecture allowing the addition of unified communication features such as instant messaging, presence, audio and video conferencing.




  • Manages 100+ calls at once: Whether it is a many millions dollar trade, vital cargo delivery, or more importantly, human lives; companies depend on fast and reliable communications achieved through trading systems
  • Provides regulatory-compliant communication solutions that reduce TCO and allow fast, secure trade execution
  • Speeds collaboration between traders and the entire trade support team across middle and back offices
  • Prioritizes call queue: Fast 1-button access from any screen to incoming and parked calls
  • Provides fast response to missed calls: Inbound call logging and automatic redial for missed calls
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