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Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions
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Without driving a transformation aligned to the pressure of mobility and social, Enterprise IT will increasingly lose relevance to the business. The consumer persona will increasingly move away from the traditional IT supply model and migrate productivity onto consumer cloud-connected services. To remain relevant, Enterprise IT environments must undergo a transformation. With our Mobility Transformation concept, we are ready to help your organization make the leap.


We have made it our business to help you grasp all aspects of Enterprise Mobility—from the overall landscape to the precise strategy you need to adopt mobility services.

We are redefining mobility by enabling businesses to transform how work gets done.

Front and centre is our determination to add value to the basic device offering.

With the aim of providing a market-leading level of versatility to address the shift in how and where we work, our wide range of tablet devices will enable users to run key productivity apps seamlessly across all these different experiences, streamline workflows and enhance interactions.

When you explore what mobility could bring to an industry, a business, even a single employee, it becomes tangible – and relevant.


Mobility radically changes the way your infrastructures, applications, and processes are presented and consumed. It enables you to quickly deliver highly scalable and flexible technology-enabled services over the Internet or your corporate network.

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